WoW – for all women who identify as lesbian and bisexual in Norwich, Norfolk.

Norwich and Norfolk Racial Equality Council

Many thanks to Julie Benson at NNREC, for offering to facilitate a get together at their meeting space, to share information and see if a steering group can be formed to organise a LGBT History Month event in Norfolk.This year possibly?…and who knows what could develop for the future, feels like an exciting project-the first meeting is tonight, so we’ll keep you in touch! This support/invitation is much appreciated, as NNREC has had experience over the years in helping groups to become established in Norfolk’s diverse community.

“One of our main areas of work is community cohesion.This involves the fostering of good relationships between different groups, and facilitating the integration of new individuals and groups to Norfolk.”quoted from their site at

Some of WoW’s main aims and hopes, are:that no woman feels isolated, is unfairly treated,or abused due to their sexuality; that we can all access any help and support we need more easily, and that it will be appropriate and adequate to our needs, as individuals and members of the community.

Please do contact NNREC for information and support, and if we can help too, please let us know.

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