WoW – for all women who identify as lesbian and bisexual in Norwich, Norfolk.


All WoW services will close on August 16th 2014, when the charity will fold. If you would like help and support you could try phoning another local organisation Norfolk LGBT Project 01603 219299, or email their new women supporting women group  starting in August 2014



This is a service offered by WoW for any woman who identifies as lesbian or bisexual and who would like to sign up for regular contact with a supported volunteer from our community.

It is primarily a telephone service but if you need or prefer a different form of communication we can also offer email, texting and instant messaging.

We’re here for:

  • Women who wish to widen their social contact in the community
  • Women who may feel isolated due to their environment or situation
  • Women who are (or feel) unable to get out and socialise easily
  • Women who may or may not be “ Out ” as a lesbian for whatever reason
  • Friendship, regular contact, and often support.

You don’t have to have any particular needs, or problems etc. If you want to chat, and enjoy conversations about all sorts of things, and be in contact with volunteers from the lesbian community, this may be for you.

The service is in particular for older lesbian women-though no woman will be refused on the basis of her age if she would like to benefit from this service. Wow offers this service with the support of Age UK and the Norfolk LGBT Project (who also offer services for men).

How to get in touch

You can contact us on the following number from August 3rd 2011:

  • Tel (mobile) 078403 10200  Weds-Fri 10am-6pm and Sats 10am-5pm
  • or email for more information

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