WoW – for all women who identify as lesbian and bisexual in Norwich, Norfolk.

Getting Involved

All WoW services will close on August 16th 2014, when the charity will fold. If you would like help and support you could try phoning another local organisation Norfolk LGBT Project 01603 219299, or email their new women supporting women group  starting in August 2014

Volunteer Role

As a volunteer with Women on Women (WoW) for this telephone / email / messenger project, you will be contacting  people who have requested this service, on a regular weekly basis.

As a telephone/email/instant messaging befriender, you will:

  • Enjoy talking with older women, and others who have asked for this service.
  • Have a sense of humour, and be able to engage in and initiate numerous conversation topics, and all sorts of things can come up.
  • Have an ability to listen-whilst also understanding that this is not a counselling role.
  • Be reliable.
  • Be respectful, kind, and supportive.
  • Hold good boundaries and respect privacy
  • Have a willingness to communicate with the WoW Co-ordinator on a regular basis about your work.
  • Be willing to work within the framework of professionality that WoW has put in place, following best practise guidelines.
  • And mostly, you’ll have a  genuine interest in women from all backgrounds and  in many different situations, and their diverse and varied experiences.

You can expect at all times to be treated  by WoW with respect, regardless of your age, race, religious beliefs, physical or mental abilities, social situation or your personal “Out” status. Our members expect and hope for this too.

You can expect ongoing support from your Volunteer Co-ordinator, who will be available during phone operating hours, and on an emergency number at other times. Training as you need it will be sought for you.

Your comments and feedback concerning your experience of volunteering will be asked for and valued, as we develop this exciting project. Older women have been asking WoW for this, for some time, and we hope to develop a project which has scope for expansion, eg social events, and home visiting. We are working with Age UK, the Norfolk LGBT Project, and will include more agencies who wish to offer this service to their LGBT Clients and service users. We are a pilot project, developing a working model for other groups to engage with and use for themselves.

If you’d like more information on volunteering and ways to get involved please either call or email us for a chat.

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