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Art Exhibition-invitation to participate

Pride without Prejudice – WoW Women’s Wall

We know that many WoW women are creative so we’ve booked a space for our creations at the Pride without Prejudice exhibition which runs for a fortnight – a week either side of Pride 2014 on July 26th – and which is held at St Margaret’s Church of Art.

The exhibition is a celebration of diversity and is open to ALL creative people regardless of experience, qualification, age, race, sexuality or gender. It offers all of us an ideal opportunity to show (and maybe even sell) our paintings, photos, craftwork, prints, crochet, paper cuts, origami, poems, glasswork or whatever on any themes we may choose.

St Margaret’s is a lovely space and there’s plenty of room to get creative with all things arty – in fact whatever you love doing.

All WoW women are welcome to participate in Pride without Prejudice, whether you make things for fun or you’re a seasoned pro.

For more information about how to take part please email:

Let’s Fill WoW Women’s Wall and show Norwich how Wonderful WoW Women are!

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