WoW – for all women who identify as lesbian and bisexual in Norwich, Norfolk.

Anouncement from the WoW team

We would like to to make the following letter about the future of Wow  Charity public.

Thank you to all who attended the meeting last Saturday. There was a full and frank discussion, during which it was concluded that we need to wind down the charity. The next stage of this will take place on Thursday 17th July, when the trustees and any members who have already attended committee meetings will vote formally to close the charity.

Although this is a sad decision, large parts of Saturday’s discussion centered on what might arise to fill the gap left by WoW, so there is much to be hopeful about, and many exciting possibilities.

The drop-in will continue as normal until mid August, and we hope to keep the mailing list active for some time.

Best wishes,

we’re not sure whats happening with the blog, but we’ll keep it going as it is for now.You can write to us at

and we will keep you updated over the next few weeks. Jo


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