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IDAHO Day event Saturday 21st May 2011

Join the Norwich Pride Campaigns and Arts Teams in celebrating IDAHO DAY on Millennium Plain outside the Forum. There will be cakes, balloons, poetry, filmmaking, photography and kissing!

IDAHO Day – International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia – is 17th May. IDAHO Day marks the anniversary of the World Health Organisations’s decision to remove homosexuality from its list of mental disorders in 1990. This year marks the …21st anniversary so we are planning a 21 minute party on Saturday 21st May.

The IDAHO Campaign for 2011 is AS I AM (We are all different and all unique. It is our differences that complete our humanity. Yet, everywhere daily homophobia and transphobia wants to eradicate the uniqueness in us) and they are asking people to upload creative videos/photos/artwork on the theme to the international IDAHO site ( ).

Pride Poet Vince Laws has got a poem that fits neatly with the theme (“Everyone is different, And everyone’s the same, Because we all came from The same ball of slime.”) so our plan is to get 80 different people to each read out a word and we’ll film them and edit this into a movie and send it in. We’re planning to do this on Millennium Plain on 21st May at 2.10pm so please tell all your friends to come.

If you’ve recently celebrated your 21st birthday then please bring along all your 21 themed goodies!

We’ll bring our lovely ornate frame we created for ShakeUp! for some pics for the Pride Portrait Gallery and Vicki and Jo at Print-to-the-People are going to print us some IDAHO tshirts. The Pride Shop will be there and there will be a free piece of Pride Rock for the first 21 people who arrive on Millennium Plain at 2pm. We’ll also be selling 21 of our beautiful new Pride mugs (£5 each) designed by Sammy Bettis. We’re hoping the Pride Choir might come and sing a song or two.

The Campaigns Team are planning a Kiss-In at 2.21pm to end the party in style.

See you all there – you won’t miss us: we’ll be the ones with 21 rainbow flags!

p.s. The Sew Gay Group, the queer quilters with a mission to make a beautiful banner for Norwich Pride are meeting on the first floor of the library on 21st May from 12-2pm. Come along and make your mini-me and sew yourself into the Pride Parade. Lots of fuzzy felt and Pritt Stick available for you to recreate a 6 inch version of yourself!

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