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Sandra’s Knitting for Norwich Pride Story

Sandra, many thanks for sharing your story with us, its beautiful!

Pride International

“Moving to a foreign country was a big step. I didnt know quite how big it would be. Having my friend visiting over here seemed like a brilliant idea, I didnt quite expect how brilliant the idea would turn out to be. Visiting London sounded like alot of fun, I didnt quite imagine how much fun it would be.

There it was, that i saw the light, or to quote my colleague “crossed to the dark side”……..

Lisa and I have been friends for over 6 years and she had had a crush on me for 5 years.” Im so sorry, we’d be perfect togther, but im not into women”, I told her not so long ago …….

Suprise! Here in England, in London, I fell in love with her!

Coming out wasn’t much of a challenge, I only got good responses in England and Germany, and now with the Norwich Pride coming up, my mum’s been knitting squares in Germany, last count 25 squares! and Lisa will be coming over to party as well. “Sandra

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